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Paul likes to cook and eat everything except cilantro. He hates sports bars and doesn’t like drinking for taste or getting drunk. Rather, he prefers to stay in and take care of his succulents and clean his rock collection. Paul’s voice has a large presence, but he twists his hair when he doesn’t know what to say.

Paul can put up a bookshelf in five minutes and lead you through a forest while on hallucinogens. When he’s not at work, he enjoys gawking at expensive art, baking from scratch, and playing videogames with his boyfriend.

Photo of Brad looking at sunflower in a protein jar.
Paul lying down and sniffing eucalyptis out of a vitamin D jar. Paul takes a sniff of fresh eucalyptus from a vitamin D jar. Photo: Gabriella Hileman

Because scent matters to us all

Aromatherapy: the Essence of Paul

I have a super keen sense of smell and I am allergic to most artificial deodorants.

I love using essential oils and like to mix and match ones that mask my body's stress odors and fit my emotional aura for the day. My partner hates lavender and sage smells so I can't use those. My favorites are as follows:

tea tree oil

Tea Tree

This is where it all began.

I love this smell so much whenever and wherever. Unfortunately it doesn't have much staying power so it needs to be applied more frequently. It is both minty and camphory, eucalyptic.

peppermint oil


A familiar, fresh smell

You won't smell like toothpaste. It’s nice on a hot day whe or when eating heaty foods.

vetiver oil


This is one is pungent.

It’s probably the best deoderizing or odor masking agent I have. Its a deep woody musk and it sort of has the feel of jumping on a pile of fall leaves.

Oud or Agarwood oil

Oud aka Agarwood

A very complex and pungent smell, recommended to me by a friend. It’s both woody and floral. Really pure extracts of this are super expensive.

The scent actually comes from infecting an odorless tree with a certain mould that causes it to produce its distinct smell as a defense mechanism.

sandalwood oil


My super cool ex boss only liked this scent and we shared an open office, so I could I only use this smell to detoxify and cover up the smell of human stress.

Its fine, but not my favorite.

camphor oil


I love medicinal smells. This one is in a lot of topical ointments, vapor rubs and emmolients.

Its fine, but not my favorite.



My partner really likes this smell; it reminds him of his grandmother's lemongrass plant.

I like the smell because I like lemons! We also use it in an infuser for our apartment.